Ways To Increase Facebook Likes For Free

by HeadMaster
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Everyone wants more Facebook likes because, though to a lesser degree than it used to, Facebook sends traffic to websites and is a status symbol of the popularity of a business, person, or product.

So how can you get more likes these days? It’s not as easy as it used to be and paying for ads on Facebook costs more these days.  But here’s a few free tips from your friends at Net Traffic Academy.

Tips To Grow Facebook Like Numbers

These are my three best free tips for getting new Facebook likes for your page.

1. The Ole Invite Feature: Though it might sound obvious or minor, invite people from your friends list to like your business/fan page BUT the next part is where it can become really effective. AFTER they have liked your page, message a few of them that you’re close to and ask them if they’d be willing to share some of your posts. Ask 20 people. Some will agree. Then when you post something on the page you are trying to grow, message the people who agreed and ask them to share that particular post. You can do it weekly and most people will keep sharing if they like you.

When they share your post, if it’s good content, it will get some likes. So then, from your business page, you can click on the number of people who have liked it and you’ll be able to invite the ones who don’t currently like your page to do so. That last part is actually a very effective trick that few people know about.

2. Trade Posts: Another way is to trade shares with other businesses/fan pages that are not exactly in your niche but close. An example could be that you sell tee shirts and they sell hats. Whatever. You just don’t want them to feel like they’re helping a direct competitor.

The page you ask to trade post shares with you should have a good number of followers/likers (I’d say a minimum of 1000). In exchange for them sharing one of your posts of your choice, you offer to share one of their posts of their choice on your page.

I’ve really seen people work this system and add hundreds of new likes per month (sometimes even thousands) and a lot of likes can continue to happen passively from those posts as well as they virally move across Facebook. One goal is to have 30 other pages that will trade posts with you once a month. That way you have a post of yours shared on a solidly followed Facebook page every day. You need to keep a schedule and stay in good communication with these folks but it’s worth it if you are serious about increasing your Facebook likes.

3. Ask Your Friends To Invite THEIR FRIENDS To Like Your Page: This is such an underrated tip that is rarely used! Most of us have some friends on Facebook that we are close to in real life. Then we have people that we are not best buddies with but we do have a solid relationship with them or have known them for a while. You can message them on Facebook to do this, but I highly recommend that you pick up your phone and call them to ask for this favor.

You are not going to ask them to invite all of their Facebook friends. For most people, that will just take too long. It’s too much to ask and they probably just won’t do it even if they tell you that they will. INSTEAD, ask them if they’d be willing to do you a favor by inviting 50 of their friends to like your page. You’ll be surprised how many people will end up inviting more than that or even their entire friends list! I suggest you go through your friends list and message or call the ones that you feel good about with your request. What do you have to lose? It’s not like they’re going to hate you for asking them. And if you don’t talk to them a whole lot anyway, what difference does it make?

Bonus Tip: This isn’t free, but find a Facebook page close to your niche. Ideally it wouldn’t be a business page but more of a page set up by a fan of something. Like if you’re in the niche of a certain college football team, you would find a page set up about that team by a fan and not the official university page (because they won’t do it).

What you do is, you message them and offer them $10 to share one of your posts. It could be a post selling your product, but if the page is big enough who you’re paying to share your post (at 20,000 followers/likes or more), I recommend asking them to share one of your posts about that team that has gotten the highest number of combined likes and shares on your Facebook page. This way you know it’s good.

If they agree to share one of your posts for $10, use Paypal or whatever to get the money to them and tell them that you might do this again if it works well (this will hopefully keep them from doing anything low like deleting your post). If they do delete the post you can report it to Paypal and you’ll usually get your money back, but most people post it and forget about it.

What you do is, after they have shared your post, wait until the end of the day and then go to the post on YOUR PAGE. You’ll see that it was reshared AT LEAST once since that page did, but most likely you’re going to see it shared a lot more than that because their followers will have shared it. Click under the post where it says, “[Person’s Name], [Person’s Name], and 55 others.” Facebook will show you all the people who liked the post – even the ones who liked it as the result of someone else (other than you) sharing it. There will be buttons that say “Invite.” And you can use those to invite people to like your page. I often times can add at least 40 or 50 new likes using that technique per day for the first 3 or 4 days.

So let’s say you add 100 new likes/followers in the first 3 days for $10. These people are targeted and have already demonstrated that they like your content. So in the future there’s a good likelihood that they’ll share one of your posts and you’ll be able to invite someone else to like your page because of it. And it will probably happen more than once. Plus, if you keep an eye on the post that was reshared by the page you paid – and you should – you’ll be able to invite more people daily as the likes and reshares continue virally from that post.

Note: You might even get some people to do it for $5 or in exchange for a review of their product or page. Be creative if you can’t spend the money.

Work on these tips and figure out what works best for you. I know they have helped other people and I hope they help you as well! If you liked these tips, please like us on Facebook and you’ll get notifications of new content like this that will help you grow your website and business.


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