I’ve Seen It All In SEO and Here Is One of My Top SEO Tips

by HeadMaster
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As some of you know, I’ve been doing SEO and Internet marketing since 1995. That was before Google even existed! I’ve seen a lot, tried a lot, failed some, and succeeded a lot. Since you are reading this right now, you are going to benefit from my unmatched experience in this industry.

My new SEO course will be launching very soon and I want to help as many people as possible learn how to rank websites highly in Google, gets massive amounts of targeted traffic to their websites from Google, Yahoo, Bing and other sources, and I want to show you how to put in the right kind of work upfront so that it runs on near-autopilot for you going forward. The course is for complete beginners and advanced professionals.

Why am I giving away my secrets? Why am I selling out? Am I not afraid people compete with me using the techniques, tricks, and strategies that took me years to learn and perfect? No. There’s plenty of businesses, products, and content out there to go around. Besides, I enjoy teaching and coaching.

One Of My Top Ways To Generate Traffic With SEO

Article marketing – BUT it’s not what you think. Back several years ago when this was a hot and trendy thing to do, dozens and even hundreds of article websites sprung up where you’d join and be able to post an article on their site with your links.

Many people who did SEO would write one article and then use software to “spin,” the article. That’s where certain words would be changed to another word with a similar meaning. An example would be that if they had a sentence like, “You should walk your dog every day,” it would be changed to “You must exercise your K9 each day.” That way they could have a slightly different article on each article directory website, hoping that Google would be fooled into thinking each article was unique and, therefore, give a higher quality rating to the page and the link.

They would outsource submitting these articles or, you guessed it, get software to submit their article to hundreds of article directories. They would just use the same username and password for all of them. It became a spammy mess since the article directories weren’t seen by many people and didn’t have quality links since their main purpose was to provide links to people who did SEO. Google became wise to this link-building strategy and modified their link-quality factors to avoid giving much credit to links from article directories.

So people who fancied themselves to be SEO gurus started saying things like, “Article marketing is dead.” And with that the golden era of the article directory was done. It went further than that, however, as people who did SEO and taught SEO took it a step further, theorizing that all forms of using an article to get a link to their website was extinct in terms of Google-ranking effectiveness. And many abandoned it.

I’m here to tell you that they took it too far. While it’s true that little benefit comes from the few article directories that are left, there is enormous benefit from doing article marketing or article SEO correctly.

How To Do Article SEO Correctly

I go over this in my new SEO course in detail with strategies it took me years to develop. Basically, you want to find websites and blogs in your niche (a niche is like an industry or genre) who take guest posts and provide a do-follow link to your website along with it. In my course I show you how to find websites and blogs who take guest posts.

Once you’ve found them, you start making a list. Once you get about 50 on that list, you go through and follow their submission guidelines (if they have them) and send them your sample content. You make another list of the ones who like and use your content along with your link. You want to continue to build this list.

You can divide it down from there to a list of those websites and blogs who demand unique content that is published nowhere else online and another list of the ones who don’t mind if it’s unique or not. It’s good to have unique content with your link and on your site, but for getting a link, it’s only of slight benefit and Google is more concerned about the quality of the article, the way visitors interact with it, and how many visitors it gets.

This is where nurturing a link comes in which is something I’m very big on. One link from a page that you have built up with quality indicators can be worth dozens or even hundreds of other links that you get but then never do anything to nurture. The post moves off the front page, into their archives, and dwindles away in terms of quality. But, what if it didn’t? Then the link you got one time would grown in power over time, resulting in continually added benefit to your website’s ranking and traffic.

That’s one of just a few things I teach in my new course. Sign up for it today and learn the secrets I’ve kept for over 20 years!

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