Do You Want To Be A Commercial?

by HeadMaster

A client recently questioned me on the idea of content marketing (also called article marketing). How dare they! Kidding, mostly, because the truth can handle questioning. Their reasoning, which seemed to be fairly well thought out, had one fatal flaw.

They determined that if all, literally all, of their content on their website and on social media was promotional or an ad that they would sell more stuff. Why? Because of the sheer number of times people would be exposed to their ad. To hear them tell it, people would have no choice.

The fatal flaw in that thinking? People do have a choice. And they will choose to leave. Which will hurt search rankings (SEO) because Google pays attention to bounces. And when people get to the site and every doorway to the site leads them to a commercial, the site will have a terrible bounce rate. So their ship will sink in compounding fashion.

I realized that I needed to keep them from making this mistake or else I wouldn’t be much of an Internet marketing consultant. So I explained it to them by asking them this question: “If you had the choice, would you rather be the commercial or the football game?” or “Would you rather be the TV show or the commercial?”

I went on to explain that there are commercials inside of TV shows. They’re called, “Product Placement.” Basically, it’s a commercial that no one really sees as a commercial. Nobody leaves the room or flips the channel. So I told them to consider using product placement within their articles and videos. Sure, you can also plug it at the end of the video or article as well, but people aren’t as banner blind or defensive if it’s in content that is valuable, helpful, informative and interesting to them. So think like the movies and TV and use product placement when you want to run an ad instead of just making an ad as the entirety of your post. I discuss this more in the video embedded in this post.

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