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What is SEO?

by HeadMaster
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I'll start off by saying that I don't expect to rank for the phrase "What is SEO?" I'm not even going to try because it's really not worth it. Other people have worked years at it and they wouldn't stop just because I started working on ranking for it. I'm writing this post for the benefit of my readers. I started doing what was later called SEO, short for "search engine optimization" in 1996. There was no Google, Yahoo or Bing. I ranked websites on search engines such as Altavista, Dogpile, Hotbot and what was at that time called, "Ask [...]

Do You Want To Be A Commercial?

by HeadMaster
A client recently questioned me on the idea of content marketing. How dare they! Kidding, mostly, because the truth can handle questioning. Their reasoning, which seemed to be fairly well thought out, had one fatal flaw. They determined that if all, literally all, of their content on their website and on social media was promotional or an ad that they would sell more stuff. Why? Because of the sheer numbers. To hear them tell it, people would have no choice. The fatal flaw in that thinking? People do have a choice. And they will choose to leave. Which will hurt [...]