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Sagenda is a calendar plugin for WordPress. If you look it up by a plugin search you’ll see this short definition:

Sagenda is a free Online Booking / Scheduling / Reservation System, which gives customers the opportunity to choose the date and the time of an appointment according to your preferences.

It’s free, unless you want to take money for appointments, then you pay a monthly fee to connect to Paypal so that clients can pay to book an event, meeting, appointment, or call with you. The monthly fee isn’t bad at all at $14.99 per month or you can pay $99 for an entire year which is about an $80 savings over the course of the entire year.

The system is basic and not the sleekest looking ever, but it gets the job done if you are looking for something to allow clients to book coaching calls or appointments with you at a location. Here is my review of the Sagenda plugin.

My complaints about the Sagenda plugin:

  1. The times available for schedule show even after that time has passed.

    For example, if it’s 4:00 pm and a client comes to your site to book an event with you, it will show the possible times they could’ve booked before the present time. Not only does that make a lot of unnecessary thinking and figuring for your client, but it’s confusing because what happens if your client clicks on a time that has already passed for the day?

    I asked Sagenda support about that and they said that people who use the plugin had asked for it to be that way “so that they could get late schedulers.”

    I’m still not sure what that means because if someone booked a 1:00 appointment with me but the time is 4:15, when am I supposed to call them? So far that hasn’t been a problem as I figure that my clients figure it out, but why have them dig through appointment times that have already passed?

  2. On the page that follows them clicking “book it,” to book a certain time, the word “Subscription,” is kind of randomly at the title position on that page and can’t be removed. Fearing that my clients might think that they were booking a reoccurring appointment with me, I added text that explained that a “Subscription,” was for one call. I think that “Subscription,” shouldn’t be there or should at least be optional.
  3. On the page where they are selecting an available time to book a call with me, it has a few fields where they can enter information to search, like a day, to see what times are available then. But there’s also a field that says, “Location” when that isn’t necessary in my case since what is being booked is a coaching call. I wish that I had the option to remove that field.
  4. It also has a “To” field, as in from a certain day to another day. This is also unnecessary in my case since my calls are in half-hour blocks. So I wish I could remove that unnecessary field as well so that there was less on the page for a would-be client to have to consider, figure out, and be delayed from setting up the call.
  5. The admin area where you are setting up what it is that is being booked, the times, and how often the dates and times should be offered (as in daily, weekly, etc) is confusing. I was able to get it, but I wish it was easier and didn’t have as many moving parts. But, once you get it, it’s fine I guess. I’m still using it after all.

Good things about the Sagenda Plugin

  1. It’s fairly quick to get on your site and start taking calls. I had my first coaching call booked within 3 days of adding the plugin, so that was nice.
  2. It pays you instantly. It gets the money for the booking and puts it in your Paypal account. Since you are paying a monthly fee to Sagenda, you get all the money, minus Paypal’s fee of course.
  3. The short codes work well with Paypal so that you can add the calendar system to a page on your site or you can send it off of your site if you want. It just depends on what you want to do.
  4. The plugin is updated regularly, so I’m hopeful for improvements and so far the changes have been to make the system smoother and less clunky so it’s not just something that was developed and then left to become obsolete.
  5. Support is fairly solid. The company appears to be from France. Their English is pretty solid and impressive for a group likely using a second language. Your correspondence with them will be by email but they respond pretty quickly. Once you get the plugin set up and going on your site (there’s a video to help you though you can figure it out as you go), you likely won’t need to contact support anyway, but it’s nice to know they are there.

Conclusion of my review of Sagenda:

If you do coaching calls or want to have a calendar system on your website where clients can book appointments with you, this is a solid option. It’s simple to get paid and it’s pretty easy to use on a WordPress platform. The fee to use it is fair and might be the best out there since they don’t charge you every time someone pays to book an appointment or call with you.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I am going to give it a solid 7 and it has the potential to be a 9 with some of the tweaks I suggested in this post. You can download the plugin at

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