Why Being Lazy Can Actually Help You Become Wealthy!

by HeadMaster
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I will start by saying that I believe in work and that most wealthy people don’t inherit or luck into their wealth, they earn it.

That word “earn,” can mean different things. Sometimes money or a result is earned by working long hours. Picture an athlete working hour after hour on refining a skill or a self-employed person working every day including weekends. That’s one way to earn.

Another way to earn is to leverage a skill or knowledge. For example, a chiropractor might take 5 seconds to adjust your spine in order to correct a misalignment. You feel better and that 5 seconds earned him $50 or whatever it is that he charges. He used knowledge and skill to do something that you are willing to pay $50 to have done. That’s how the free market (a.k.a. capitalism) works.

Yet another way to earn is to take money that you have already earned and put it to work by investing it so that the amount you started with grows to a higher amount.

Then there are people who have a mind and a knack for earning money the so-called lazy way. And there’s nothing wrong with it. For example, I set up a message forum years ago that still earns me hundreds in Adsense money each month without me touching it. The content is produced by people who post on the forum and there are people who enjoy the forum so much that they volunteer as moderators to keep out spam. I had another forum like this that I sold. So money is generated month after month with no effort from me. Heck, I didn’t even build the software it uses and it was free. That’s one example of a lazy way of earning money.

Laziness isn’t always a weakness. For example, a lazy person will usually try to avoid unnecessary steps. That’s actually a strength in business because an unnecessary step will cost additional time and money. Eliminating that extra step saves your company money. A so-called lazy person will often work hard at first so that he has it easier later.

For example, I imagine a lazy person thought up the concept of a remote control. It must have been difficult to develop at first and took an amount of time to get it right but the lazy person was motivated by knowing that he wouldn’t have to get up to go change the channel on the TV ever again once he got the remote control finished. And you know what? Products that help people be lazy sell a ton!

Sometimes a website can be set up for easy search-engine rankings and then left alone. A “lazy” person who knows some SEO can build a quick site using WordPress and get rankings for that website sometimes with just a couple of social media links. Then put in Adsense code and the lazy money starts flowing in without him doing anything to that website again if he doesn’t want to.

You see, a lazy person will try to think of the simplest, least convoluted, and most easily repeatable way of doing something. And that is actually the kind of thinking you need in your business.

So that part of you that you feel guilty about that we often call “laziness”? What if I told you that at Net Traffic Academy we think the word, “smart” describes it a lot better and that you might be surprised at what a strength so-called laziness can be. Heck, you might want to consult with a lazy person when developing your products because he can tell you if it’s confusing or too difficult to use.

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with using the so-called lazy way of earning money. Now get out there and be lazy!

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